French in English Translation Course (FRE)

No knowledge of a foreign language is presumed or required for the following course, which are conducted in English with all readings in English. Except for FRE 6991 and ITA 6500, these courses may NOT count toward a concentration in the foreign language from which the translations were derived. Language instruction in French may be found at: French Courses (FRE)

The following courses, numbered 5000-9999, are offered for graduate credit. Courses numbered 5000-6999 which are offered for undergraduate credit only may be found in the undergraduate bulletin, as well as all other undergraduate courses (numbered 0900-4999). Courses in the following list numbered 5000-6999 may be taken for undergraduate credit unless specifically restricted to graduate students as indicated by individual course limitations. For interpretation of numbering system, signs and abbreviations, see University Courses.

6991 Contemporary French Criticism and Literary Theory.
Cr. 3

Theory and practice of contemporary French criticism; structuralist and post-structuralist writers: Barthes, Greimas, Derrida, and Lyotard. French majors required to do readings in French. (I)