Office: DRH/University Health Center; Suite 3J.1; (132) 54300
Chairperson: H. Michael Marsh


Marc Basson, Eli M. Brown (Emeritus), Morris Brown, H. Michael Marsh

Adjunct Professors

Joseph D. Fenstermacher, A. Guillermo Scicli

Assistant Professor

John Dooley

Associate Professor, Full-Time Affiliate

Gaylord D. Alexander, Hong Wang

Clinical Professor

Samuel Perov

Clinical Associate Professors

William Alarcon, Jeffrey Clark, Samir F. Fuleihan, Halim Haber, Pramod Kerkar, Henry Kroll, Vitaly D. Soskin

Assistant Professors, Full-Time Affiliate

Elie J. Chidiac, Robin Delaney, Sharon Kemper, Todd E. Lininger, A. Michael Prus, Robert Tawil, Maria M. Zestos

Clinical Assistant Professors

Zulfiqar Ahmed, Yasser Al-Baghdadi, Randall Amis, Lavonda Armstrong, Beata Bartecka-Skrzypek, Edward Bartholomew, Aaron P. Betel, Debashish Bhattacharya, Robert A. Blumberg, Baher Boctor, Julie Buch, Shushovan Chakrabortty, Hao Cheng, Alan A. D'Augustine, Kuldip Deogun, Piyush Desai, Nasser Durgham, Amr Elsaadat, Margaret C. Gall, Aurelia Jamerson, Nabil Kadi, John Kurtz, Joe Liu, Sharon Minott, Shokrollah Mirafzali, Cheryl Mordis, Kevin S. Neff, Marc Orlewicz, Mohamed L. Othman, Arvind Patel, Clarina Perez-Pascual, Sanker Rajan, Jeffrey Rosenberg, Konstantin Rusin, Harpreet Singh, Theresa Stanton, Lori Stricker, Arina A. Monica Talpesh, Linda Vanni, Steven Wiener, Janet Wilczak, An Chi Wu

Clinical Instructors

Yale Falick, Bassam Jwaida, Ronald Schmier

Instructors, Full-Time Affiliate

Pikul Tontapanish, Selma Velilla

This department offers medical students a program in anesthesiology comprised of individual instruction in the operating room and a series of regularly scheduled seminars. The major objectives of study in this field include the acquisition of skills and knowledge related to: air-way management, including endotracheal intubation; lumbar puncture and spinal anesthesia; monitoring of anesthetized patients; pharmacology of anesthetic agents and other drugs related to anesthesia; preoperative evaluation and preparation of a patient for anesthesia and surgery; physiology of the perioperative period; respiratory therapy including management of patients who require prolonged ventilator care; management of acute drug intoxication; and the management of pain.

A one-month elective in anesthesiology is offered to medical students during their junior or senior year. The student may select to have this elective at one of a number of designated hospitals in the Detroit metropolitan area, or, upon special request and with the approval of the department chairperson, at some other institution.