French Culture in English Translation Courses (FRE)

The following courses, numbered 0900-6999, are offered for undergraduate credit. Courses numbered 7000-9999, which are offered for graduate credit only, may be found in the graduate bulletin. Courses in the following list numbered 5000-6999 may be taken for graduate credit unless specifically restricted to undergraduate students by individual course limitations. For interpretation of numbering system, signs and abbreviations, see: Course Signs and Abbreviations.

No knowledge of a foreign language is presumed or required for the following courses, which are conducted in English with all readings in English. For foreign language courses, see French Courses (FRE).

2700 (GER 2700) (PL) Anguish and Commitment: European Existentialist Literature. (ITA 2700) (RUS 2700)
(SPA 2700) Cr. 3-4

Only students in Honors Program may register for four credits. A team-taught interdisciplinary study in English of representative works by European existentialist writers: Dostoevsky, Hesse, Kafka, Pirandello, Sartre, Camus and Unamuno. (B)

2710 (FC) Introduction to French Civilization I. Cr. 3

An overview of France's great contributions to world culture, from the time of the Gauls to the French Revolution. French history, thought, art, architecture, society, geography, and institutions; illustrated with slides and films; includes visits to Detroit Institute of Arts. (B)

2720 (FC) Introduction to French Civilization II. Cr. 3

From the French Revolution to contemporary times. French way of life, its moral and intellectual foundations, its culture and institutions; their transformation under the stress of the twentieth century. (B)

2990 Topics in Romance Studies: in English Translation.
(ITA 2990) (SPA 2990) Cr. 3

Individual themes, critical issues, special problems, or trends in interdisciplinary studies. Course is team-taught. (F,W)

6991 Contemporary French Criticism and Literary Theory.
Cr. 3

Theory and practice of contemporary French criticism; structuralist and post-structuralist writers: Barthes, Greimas, Derrida, and Lyotard. French majors required to do readings in French. (I)