African American Studies Courses (AFS)

The following courses, numbered 0900-6999, are offered for under­graduate credit. Courses in the following list numbered 5000-6999 may be taken for graduate credit unless specifically restricted to undergraduate students by individual course limitations. For interpre­tation of numbering system, signs and abbreviations, see University Courses.

1010    Introduction to African American Studies. Cr.    3

An interdisciplinary approach to exploring several broad issues, top­ics, theories, concepts and perspectives which describe and explain the experiences of persons of African descent in America, the Conti­nent, and the diaspora.    (T)

2010    African American Culture: Historical and Aesthetic Roots. Cr.    4

Core requirement for African American Studies majors. Examination of the historical, traditional and aesthetic bases of a variety of cultural forms -- language, literature, music -- of the Black experience.    (T)

2210    (SS) Black Social and Political Thought. Cr.    4

Core requirement for African American Studies majors. Survey of the Black intellectual and political tradition from the United States, the Caribbean and Africa.    (T)

2390    (ENG 2390) (IC) Introduction to African-American Litera­ture: Literature and Writing. Cr.    3

Prereq: grade of C or better in ENG 1020, ENG 1050, former ISP 1510, or equiv. (equiv. means AP credit, IB, CLEP, or transfer credit with grade of C or better). Introduction to major themes and some major writers of African-American literature, emphasizing modern works. Reading and writing about representative poetry, fiction, essays, and plays.    (T)

2600    Race and Racism in America. (SOC 2600) Cr.    3

Examination of the nature and practice of racism in American society from its historical foundations to its contemporary institutional forms.    (B)

3140    (HIS 3140) African American History I: 1400-1865. Cr.    3-4

African origins of African Americans; transition from freedom to slav­ery; status of African Americans under slavery.    (F)

3150    (HIS 3150) African American History II: Reconstruction to 1968. Cr.    3-4

African American history from Reconstruction through the Civil Rights Movement.    (W)

3155    (HIS 3155) African American History III: from 1968 to the present. Cr.    3-4

History of African Americans' struggle against persistent and stub­born racism, efforts to achieve full citizenship, and legal and eco­nomic justice after 1968.    (Y)

3160    Black Urban History. (HIS 3160) Cr.    4

Historical experience of African Americans in urban areas; impact of their communities on urban development from 1860 to contemporary times.    (B)

3170    (HIS 3170) Ethnicity and Race in American Life. (AFS 6170) (HIS 6170) Cr.    3-4

Exploration of complicated relationship between ethnic and racial diversity and the making of America. Using historical, literary, and cultural readings and sources to examine key themes: Who was the "Other"? What is an "American"?    (B)

3180    Black Social Movements. (HIS 3180) Cr.    4

Prereq: AFS 2210 recommended. Survey of mass or popular Black movements with emphasis on their political and cultural impact, his­torical continuity and organization.    (Y)

3200    The African-American Film Experience. (COM 3230) Cr.    4

Historical and contemporary portrayals of African American people in narrative and documentary film. Emphasis on filmic approaches to race relations, cinematic elaboration of racial stereotypes, and legiti­mation functions of film.    (Y)

3230    (HIS 3230) The Civil Rights Movement. (HIS 5235) (AFS 5230) Cr.    3

Historically-driven survey of the Civil Rights Movement; focus on Afri­can Americans' efforts to enjoy the full benefits of American citizen­ship.    (Y)

3250    (FC) Politics and Culture in Anglophone Caribbean. Cr.    3

Survey of political, economic and cultural life of the Caribbean. Rela­tionship of the Caribbean to U.S. and world political and cultural developments. Interdisciplinary approach: historical, comparative, thematic issues.    (Y)

3360    Black Workers in American History. (HIS 3360) Cr.    4

Survey course. Slave and free workers during antebellum period; skill trades, sharecropping, menial labor, coal mining during Recon­struction; labor struggles and job discrimination in the twentieth cen­tury.    (F,W)

3420    Pan Africanism: Politics of the Black Diaspora. (P S 3820) Cr.    4

Interplay of Pan Africanism as a cultural and socio-political move­ment in world politics from its origins as a concept to organizing prac­tice worldwide.    (Y)

3610    (FC) Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Foreign Culture: The Africans. Cr.    4

Prereq: upper division standing. Humanistic aspects, history, socio-cultural institutions of African cultures; theory and methods, compar­ativist perspectives.    (Y)

3750    (A H 3750) African American Art. Cr.    3

Prereq: one 1000-level Art History course. Introduction to African American art from the colonial period to the present, with emphasis on the U.S. and some attention to South and Central America and the Caribbean.    (Y)

3860    Race, Class and the Criminal Justice System. (SOC 3860) Cr.    3

Prereq: upper division standing or criminal justice majors or minors. Survey of race and class in the criminal justice system: police, courts, jails and prisons. Socio-economic environment of offenders, and effects of criminal justice process on their ability to function positively within that environment.    (T)

4040    (COM 4040) Diversity in Interpersonal Communication. Cr.    3

Issues and topics related to the study of communication behaviors and patterns in gender, race, social class, and sexual orientation within the United States.    (Y)

4240    African Americans in Television. (COM 4240) Cr.    4

Historical overview of African Americans in radio and television with emphasis on three areas of study: news and documentary; entertain­ment and advertising; and ownership, employment and access.    (Y)

4245    Blacks and Sport in the United States. (SOC 4245) Cr.    3

Examination of the intersection between race and sport in the United States in order to better understand the role of sport in socialization and culture constructions.    (B)

5030    (P S 5030) African American Politics. Cr.    4

Nature and texture of Black politics; various perspectives on politics by Blacks; the impact of Blacks on American politics.    (Y)

5110    Black Women in America. (GSW 5110) Cr.    3

Social, cultural, artistic and economic development of Black women in America; topics include: racism, sexism, marriage, motherhood, feminism, and the welfare system.    (Y)

5220    (THR 5220) Black Dramatic Literature and Performance. Cr.    3

Critical study of significant Black dramatists of the American stage: Willis Richardson, Marita Bonner, Randolph Edmonds, Langston Hughes, Alice Childress, Lorraine Hansberry, Ed Bullins, Amiri Baraka, Ntozake Shange, and August Wilson.    (Y)

5241    (HIS 5241) American Slavery. (HIS 7241) (AFS 7241) Cr.    4

Offered for undergraduate credit only. Rise, expansion, and demise of slavery in the United States. Study of the five generations of Amer­icans who lived with this institution; the unique imprint of slavery on American history and collective memory.    (Y)

5261    (HIS 5261) African Americans, History and Memory. (HIS 7261) Cr.    4

Exploration of the re-presentations of African American history that are seen, read, and interpreted by a popular audience; investigation of U.S. collective memory of African American history.    (F)

5310    Special Topics in African American Studies. Cr.    3-4

Topics to be announced in Schedule of Classes; topics may include: Caribbean politics, African development, male-female relationships, Negritude.    (T)

5320    Black Labor History. (HIS 5320) Cr.    3

Prereq: upper division standing. Offered for undergraduate credit only. History of Black labor from the colonial period to the present . Topics include the development of a dual racial labor system in America; Black workers in the development and evolution of the American labor movement; and Black responses to white working class behavior.    (I)

5570    (SOC 5570) Race Relations in Urban Society. Cr.    3

Theoretical orientations applied analytically to enhance an under­standing of the patterned structures of privilege in society which are based on race. Inequality, segregation-desegregation, pluralism; social structural frameworks; some attention to social-psychological aspects of topics such as prejudice and racism.    (I)

5580    Law and the African American Experience. (SOC 5580) Cr.    4

Prereq: upper division or graduate standing. In-depth examination of the African American experience with law in the U.S.; historical development of the U.S. Constitution; legal barriers to equality and the influence of race on the law; use of law as a political instrument; participation of Blacks in the legal process; comparisons with other countries.    (B)

5700    The Psychology of African Americans. (PSY 5700) Cr.    4

Prereq: upper division standing. Methodological approaches to and theories of Black behavior and personality development. Topics include: race and pathology, life-span and psycho-sexual develop­ment, personality formation, social and environmental stress and adaptation.    (T)

5740    (P S 5740) Ethnicity: The Politics of Conflict and Cooper­ation. (PCS 5500) Cr.    4

Current ethnic (racial, linguistic, religious, and cultural) conflicts regionally, nationally and internationally. Introduction to concepts and analytic perspectives for understanding ethnicity as a factor in nation building and maintenance.    (Y)

5991    Field Work in the Black Community. Cr.    3-8

Prereq: written consent of instructor. Open only to undergraduate majors. Offered for undergraduate credit only. Field placement in community-based, human services, and civic organizations and gov­ernmental agencies.    (Y)

5993    (WI) Writing Intensive Course in African American Stud­ies. Cr.    0

Prereq: junior standing, consent of instructor; coreq: AFS 3160, 3180, 3200, 3250, 3420, 3610, or 5110. Offered for S and U grades only. No degree credit. Required for African American Studies majors. Disciplined writing assignments under the direction of a fac­ulty member. Must be selected in conjunction with a designated core­quisite; see section listing in Schedule of Classes for corequisites available each term. Satisfies the University General Education Writ­ing Intensive Course in the Major requirement.    (T)

6100    (P S 6050) Class, Race, and Politics in America. (HIS 5110) (SOC 7330) (U P 7030) Cr.    3

Prereq: senior standing or consent of instructor. Historical and ana­lytic investigation into the role of class and race in American politics.    (I)

6170    (HIS 3170) Studies in Ethnicity and Race in American Life. (AFS 3170) (HIS 6170) Cr.    3-4

Exploration of complicated relationship between ethnic and racial diversity and the making of America. Using historical, literary, and cultural readings and sources to examine key themes: Who was the "Other"? What is an "American"?    (B)

6455    (U P 6455) Discrimination and Fair Housing. (ECO 6455) (P S 6455) (SOC 6455) (U S 6455) Cr.    3

Prereq: senior or graduate standing. Multidisciplinary investigation into the nature, motivations, consequences, and legal/public policy implications of racial/ethnic discrimination in housing and related markets in U.S. metropolitan areas.    (B)

6990    Directed Study. Cr.    3-8

Prereq: written consent of instructor. Open only to majors and gradu­ate students. Reading and research projects.    (Y)